October 16, 2016


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After 10 years of service we have retired our first weather station - the Oregon Scientific 968 - and replace it with a new station from Davis.  The new station will address issues that we were having with the anemometer, as well as eventually add new data feeds for solar (watts/m2) and ultraviolet insolation. Our station is positioned on the highest point of a 5-story building in Lincoln Park (the historic Dietzgen Building, constructed in 1907) so we do tend to show higher wind velocities than many of the other weather stations around the city. We are continuing our relationship with the Weather Underground and hope to be adding additional data feeds there and perhaps tweaking our existing feeds to make them more useful to the public in the near term. Look here for more recent updates on the status of the DePaul Geography weather station.




June, 2006

DePaul's Department of Geography in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has taken a step to enhance the DePaul community's access to real-time environmental data over the past few months.  During the past summer the department installed an Oregon Scientific 968 wireless weatherstation on the roof of the 990 Fullerton (Dietzgen) building.  The station provides real-time data that can be monitored in the Department's main office (suite 4300) just below the station's pod of sensors.  The station's instruments are powered by solar panels mounted on the mast with the instruments, and they send data wirelessly to the control panel.  These data can be accessed on the system's workstation or users can read the displays in the Virtual Weatherstation panel window.

We have also become affiliated with the Weather Underground (no, not the 1960's radical organization, but the global network of weather users).  Our data are posted to the Weather Underground network every 15 minutes - and DePaul users can link to a handy new weather page to access the latest Lincoln Park weather from the internet, as well as other weather and climate related resources.  If you are a complete weather geek (like a number of geography faculty) you can add a DePaul Geography "weather sticker" to your own homepage.  Stop by the department office or email Patrick McHaffie for instructions on how to add a Lincoln Park, DePaul Geography weather sticker to your site.

The Weather Underground site allows easy access to our data in the form of graphics and downloadable Excel tables.  These will provide raw data for Geography and other university courses (such as GEO 101, Earth's Physical Landscapes or GEO 225, Weather and Climate) beginning Fall term 2006.

The DePaul Geography Weatherstation was made possible through the support of the Betty Leahy Fund for Geography.

For more information on DePaul Geography programs access our online information form.